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  • Honestly its amazing. my friends are already obsessed. i'm trying to get the biggest bud i can to take a pic for you guys. (also cuz i wanna try it haha) but seriously the construction on this thing is incredible. i love the sifter man its beautiful. it collects kief at an astounding rate. i wish i could get something written on it. i have some ideas for that. @dennytats
  • So good . I love it . My friends love theirs as well but using it has been making my life so much better . The consistency in the grind and how much better it Smokes is literally unbelievable . You are the best ever @jtips116 I have a collection of grinders and let me just say I love the texture that the tumbleweed produces so far it has been unmatched by any other grinder smoothness-wise! @fatjerm
  • What more can I say other than this is a wonderful product that works just as described. The model I have is the PocketTumbler that came with a beautiful black bag and was amazed by how smoothly and slowly my joint burned that day. I have been using it everyday since. Support small businesses and buy one for yourself and a friend. I am a. Daily smoker and definitely would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the smoke from your top shelf bud from a high quality grinder @try_this2019
  • TumbleWeed is awesome… def getting my weight back @welltraveledslowtoasterprof
  • Love my TumbleWeed only grinder I use! @thee_uncivilized
  • Just bought the TumbleWeed from The Grove. What a change for the norm. Love love the blades… some are even serrated. The best part is the results of course… fluffy goodness. So in love thank you Grove @xondriab
  • Huge Shoutout to SpeakEasy Innovations to this ingenious twist on grinders! This one is a game changer for sure! I always love to Grind my weed, even just for bowls. However I’ve always felt like grinders strip the Trichomes right off the bud and you end up with a pile of Kief at the bottom of your grinder. This grinder right here keeps all the trichomes on the bud while still getting a nice even grind that’s not too fine! They are defiantly the next big thing in grinders and are super affordable! Btw, for all you kief lovers they do have a screen version like a normal grinder @keylay93
  • This grinder definitely changed my life and the way I enjoy my flower! Thank you @speakeasyinnovations for being so creative with your products @petrayoo
  • Tried mine last night and you guys have really changed the game with the new technology. Sexy, smooth and practical for a great price point! @vivalafeverJust got a 4 piece from 831 Smoke Shop and love it! Kinda crazy it took someone this long to reinvent the grinder, but I’m glad y’all finally did! @baileyproost
  • The grinder came in today thank you very much it’s better than what I expected and it came in black my favorite color. These go hard I see great things for the company your innovation will take you guys to new heights these are straight 🔥🔥 @priv.420_victor
  • They are so perfect, easy to use has child safe box with lifetime warranty all the customers are happy with it @831smokeshop